Technology Gate for Computer & Internet services" is the IT pioneer project contribute to diversified principal Internet services such as web designing, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Multimedia and Software Development in Middle East. Our head offices are at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and our business is expanding in Middle East and some Asian countries. Read More

Technology Gate Founded by Mr. Ahmed Al-Hadi, Business Analyst characterized by knowledge and experience in the commercial & IT Industry for the past 17 years, his company is growing fast in the innovative fields. Regarding to the big role that the internet plays in changing contemporary societies in all fields such as social, economic and political fields and regarding to the internet acceleration in Arab countries and the appearance of emergency need to convoy with international development in the Arabic area. These factors and others lead to the existence of competing companies in internet service field.

Technology Gate plays its role in activating the internet service to support especially the Arab internet service and generally the international one so Technology gate becomes one of the most important companies on the Saudi and Arab level, this is through specialized and integrated team work has long experience in internet service and making software by using the latest technique of languages and different software preparation. Technology gate team work make continuously intensive searches and studies to increase the level of our programs and guarantee the maintenance and updating of our programs depending on client's desire.

Technology Gate believes of the necessity of providing high quality products and special services to its clients regarding to diversified market needs. Our company seeks to develop its work through participating effectively in Arab and local events in order to increase its knowledge of Middle East markets and its needs.

Technology gate
provides an easy way with low cost to its clients in Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf countries to get internet services so this will stimulate them to use internet in working, education, entertainment and communication.